Learning and Behaviour Services in Scotland:  An Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) Approach.

barfadeServices for children and young people with autism, developmental disorders, learning or behavioural needs:

  • Assessment, consultancy and intervention, using an individualised approach.
  • Support and training for family, carers and tutors.

barfadeServices for mainstream and special education schools, nurseries and organisations:

  • Consultation services working at whole-school, classroom and individual pupil level.
  • Staff training.

barfadeTraining, lecturing and guest speaking services:

  • Presentations, workshops and courses for educational organisations and institutions.
  • Presentations and workshops at education and charity events.

barfadeSupervision for ABA professionals:

  • Supervision for ABA practitioners working towards or maintaining professional ABA qualifications (Registered Behaviour Technician, Board Certified Assistant Behaviour Analyst, Board Certified Behaviour Analyst qualifications).