Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) is perhaps best described as the application of the science of learning.  It is an evidence based approach, supported by 40 years of validated, peer-reviewed research, which focusses on improving socially significant behaviours for individuals, groups of people or the society at large.  Applications of ABA are wide ranging.  While best known as an intervention for children with autism, ABA has been used successfully in a broad range of contexts, including but not limited to sport, health, business management and education.

Behaviour change (learning) is achieved using strategies based on the principles of behaviour. Focus is placed on the factors that motivate an individual, meaning that expectations and demands are carefully balanced with reward.  Techniques include reinforcement, prompting and prompt fading, shaping, chaining and generalisation among others.  When teaching a new skill, it is broken down into small steps and taught in a structured way, that is tailored to the individual’s learning style.

While the underlying principles of behaviour remains the same, the form of their application is dictated by the needs of the individual, group of people or organisation in question.  Contact Diane to find out how ABA might be applied to meet your requirements.