Within schools, the principles of ABA can be applied in a variety of ways to increase attainment by addressing learner motivation and adapting teaching methods to learning styles.  They can also be used to help reduce inappropriate or challenging behaviours displayed by pupils.  ABA strategies are applicable to all learners, whether they are “typically developing” or have a diagnosis of some kind, and whether they are in a mainstream or specialist education setting.  There is scope to implement ABA strategies at a whole-school/organisation, classroom and individual level.

In recent years, a greater emphasis has been placed on mainstream inclusion in Scotland. Teachers are now under increasing pressures to adapt to increasingly complex needs in their classrooms. To enable teachers in mainstream schools to meet these needs effectively, they must be provided with appropriate, specialist support and training.

Services available for schools include:

  • Whole-school behaviour and learning assessments with extensive reports.
  • Support for senior management teams and school staff in the development and implementation of behaviour policies and whole-school strategies.
  • Teacher and pupil support assistant (PSA) training in the application of behaviour principles, with a view to increasing positive behaviours, learner attainment and reducing inappropriate or challenging behaviour.
  • Design and training in the implementation of individualised learning and behaviour plans for pupils.
  • In-service day training for staff teams.

If you would like to find out more about how ABA consultancy services could benefit your nursery, school or organisation, please get in touch for a free, no obligation discussion.