Every parent wishes for their child to reach their full potential.  When your child faces additional challenges linked to communication, learning or behaviour, it can be difficult to know the best way to support them.  ABA is an evidence-based approach which empowers families to help their child learn new functional skills and reduce challenging behaviours.  Support for families is tailored to their specific needs.

Full- and part-time programmes

ABA programmes for children and young people aim to improve an individual’s overall level of functioning and quality of life.  Depending on the needs of the child, targets might involve the development of “learning to learn” skills, language and communication, as well as play, self-help and academic skills.  Challenging behaviour may also be targeted by assessing why the behaviour is occurring and teaching replacement skills, such as making appropriate requests.

Consultancy services include:

  • Assessment of your child’s areas of strength and need.
  • Design of an individualised teaching programme which addresses functional skills.
  • Ongoing training and support for family members, carers and tutors, including theory and practical skills.
  • Ongoing assessment of progress and revision of targets.
  • Progress reports and written teaching guidance.

Parent/carer training is an important feature of any ABA programme.  Learning the right strategies can help empower parents to engage more effectively with their child, and support their progress by providing consistency outwith ABA sessions.  If parents choose to deliver ABA tuition for their child themselves they will be supported in this and will be offered more extensive training.  Most programmes involve the delivery of at least some sessions by tutors who are trained in the ABA approach.  Ongoing training helps to ensure effective implementation of strategies, whether delivered by parents, carers or tutors.  Tutors are recruited and employed by parents directly, however support is provided in securing a team if required.

Behaviour plans and specific skill development

If you are seeking support to help your child to develop a specific skill (e.g. communication, dressing, toilet training), consultancy services include an assessment and individually tailored teaching plan.  Parent/tutor training is provided, along with written guidelines and ongoing support.

If you are seeking support for your child to address challenging behaviour (e.g. tantrums, aggression, self-injury), consultancy services would provide an assessment of the behaviour to help understand why it is occurring.  Based on this information an individualised behaviour plan would be designed, which typically involves teaching appropriate replacement behaviours.  Parent/tutor training is provided along with written guidelines and ongoing support.


If you would like to find out more about how ABA consultancy could support your child, please get in touch for a free, no-obligation discussion.